Unique products from the startup "Elementpro" interested visitors of the largest European exhibition of plastics and rubbers "K-2019"


Production center "Elementpro" from Saransk presented in Dusseldorf special antistatic compounds (raw materials for a wide range of products made of plastics and other polymers) on the base of popular materials-polyethylene, savelene, ABS plastic, polylactide. Antistatic and conductive compounds are widely used in almost all areas of industry: automotive, production of explosion-proof equipment for mining, packaging, microelectronics, medical equipment, cable industry, etc.

Managers and specialists of more than 100 leading world companies showed their interest in the products manufactured by Elementpro. As a result of the negotiations, more than 60 test samples of antistatic materials with the use of a unique modifying additive - single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCN) were transferred to potential consumers. Nanotubes are an indispensable additive that do not affect, importantly, the physical and mechanical properties of the starting material, unlike other additives used in Europe.

Products from the Russian startup Elementpro have become notable novelties of the exhibition "K–2019", which had more than 3,300 exhibitors this year from 60 countries and attracted more than 232 000 visitors - specialists of the polymer industry.

Elementpro has a good competitive advantage – it is the first Russian contract manufacturer of modified polymers with antistatic properties, increased strength, thermal conductivity, resistance to abrasion and other stresses. Improved and new properties of the produced innovative compounds, dyes and other polymeric materials are the result of a number of startups that unite Elementpro into a cluster of innovative chemical production. The company managed to accumulate and introduce into production a lot of its own unique developments, technologies of effective introduction of functional additives that significantly improve the properties of various materials for construction, cable, electrical, chemical and other industries. Elementpro has an advanced lab and other innovative infrastructure that allows to develop custom-made and produce modified polymer materials with improved and new properties. Consumers of its services are companies of both small and medium-sized businesses and large brands known around the world.

Following the results of the international exhibition in Dusseldorf, the production center "Elementpro" expects further development of its partner network due to new customers from European countries.