Science and engineering board of mordovia technological cluster


Members of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Technopark-MordoviaAutonomous Institution visited the newest multifunctional chemical production centerElement Pro.

Created in April 2018 by the Center for Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials of theRepublic of Mordovia, the Element Pro contract manufacturing center is located on anarea over 1700 sq.m. Element Pro includes a number of production sites andlaboratories, among which production facility using unique carbon nanotubes, andsites for the new paintwork material development and production.

According to Vitaly Ariskin, Element Pro Production Center Project Manager, thisone-of-a-kind Center is one of the growth points of the Russian nanotechnologyindustry, which produces functional additives (concentrates) based on single-wallcarbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) produced using unique technology by the world leaderin the field of SWCNT production - the Russian company OCSiAl (Novosibirsk). Onthe basis of this infrastructure site, new chemical material research and developmentare concentrated and the innovative additive production for material modification inthe construction, cable, chemical and other industries is organized. Original functionalSWCNT-based additives are used to give new or improved properties to materials andproducts: electrical conductivity, improved thermal conductivity, increased strength,resistance to abrasion, elevated temperatures, etc.

It is planned to make 15 types of products and provide 4 types of production serviceson the basis of the Element Pro contract manufacturing center. The Center sites arecapable of producing up to 5 thousand tons per year of concentrates and othermixtures for plastics, organic and aqueous dispersions. The Center provides contractmanufacturing services to more than 10 project companies of the Nanocenter ofMordovia, and also collaborates with other Russian companies, such as Tarkett, thelargest flooring manufacturer, Kolomenskiye Kraski paint manufacturer and SevkabelHolding.